USYCA AGM : 2019-2020

USYCA AGM Meeting : 8th Feb 2020

Ranjeet Singh on 02/08/2020


NYCL 2020 - COVID 19 – Precaution Guidelines

Guidelines to be adopted during the NYCL 2020 Event in July

USYCA on 05/17/2020


Cricket Australia - Orientation to Coaching

A Coaching Resources for PE Teachers, Coaches and Parents

on 02/17/2020


MILO - Get in 2 Fun / Get in 2 Cricket

A great resource for any PE Teacher, Club or Coach trying to start a 10 week beginner program. Also a great resource for any Parent who wants to get their kids started with Cricket.

USYCA on 01/14/2020


Cricket Coordinator's Manual

A document designed by Cricket Australia for its youth coordinators across the country. A great resource for everyone managing cricket activities in their respective areas

USYCA on 12/06/2019


Cricket Warm Up & Activities - Drills and Ideas

A very useful resource from Cricket Australia providing some great ideas for warm up activities and drills to help the kids learn the game quickly.

USYCA on 01/03/2020


Cricket Tips - Basics 101

Cricket Coaching Teams - For the First Time Players and Parents

USYCA on 11/06/2019


PE Teachers - Resource

A guide to help PE Teachers get started with Cricket in their Schools

USYCA on 10/14/2019


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