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Dec 20, 2017: East Bay Youth Cricket to host NYCL 2018 in California

Oct 13, 2017: Cricket on World Cultures Day at Rosati Kain at High School

Aug 30, 2017: DreamCricket and Cricmax Host National Youth Championship in New Jersey.

Jul 28, 2017: NEYCA & WHCC bring the National Youth Cricket Championship in Connecticut.

Apr 27, 2017: Cricket Presentation at Ralph M Captain Elementary School in Clayton, Missouri.

Mar 03, 2017: USYCA announces Constitutional Amendments at its AGM.

Jan 03, 2017: NYCL 2017 to be held in Connecticut & New Jersey.

Dec 15, 2016: USA Cricket Manager Eric Parthen meets USYCA.

Dec 08, 2016: USYCA Offers Free Starter Cricket Sets to Schools.

Nov 27, 2016: USYCA NYCL Merger Announcement.

Nov 06, 2016: USYCA Tee Cricket Kicks off in St. Louis, MO

Aug 29, 2016: USYCA Newsletter - Aug 2016

Jul 09, 2016: Missouri Youth Cricket continues to take cricket to more scouts in St. Louis Region

Jun 20, 2016: NYCL Continues to grow Youth Cricket in USA

Jun 06, 2016: Former India National Women Player, Rajeshwari Dholakia Antani joins USYCA Executive Board

May 19, 2016: USA Cricket Combines provides a great learning opportunity for Youth Under 17s

May 13, 2016: Meet The New USYCA Executive Team

May 03, 2016: Ranjeet Singh Of Missouri Elected 2nd USYCA President

April 29, 2016: Jamie Harrison Says Goodbye To USYCA

April 18, 2016: USYCA President Visits Maryland School As Cricket Gains In Popularity

April 1, 2016: Another Maryland High School Takes Up Cricket, Starts Club

March 31, 2016: Missouri YCA Introduces Cricket To Garfield ES In Kansas City

March 29, 2016: Cricket Reaches The Southern Extreme Of The Continental United States

March 17, 2017: Maryland High School Students Form Cricket Club

March 7, 2016: Maryland Middle Schools Cricket League Expanding Again

March 3, 2016: Missouri YCA Completes Winter Indoor Cricket Program

March 1, 2016: Maryland Schools Cricket Expands Into Anne Arundel County

January 27, 2016: Grateful Maryland School System Honors Sham Chotoo

January 19, 2016: Harrison Visits Four Schools In Preparation For New League

November 30, 2015: Public-Private Partnership Creates Elementary School Cricket Pitch

November 20, 2015: Indiana PE Association Partners With USYCA To Promote Cricket

November 18, 2015: American Cricket Academy STL Makes An Impact At Missouri PE Convention

October 30, 2015: Cricket Excitement Fills The Hallways of Two Maryland Elementary Schools

October 28, 2015: Maryland's Glenn Dale Elementary School Gung-Ho For Cricket

October 26, 2015: Missouri YCA Completes Six-Week Program In Ferguson

October 19, 2015: Jatin Patel Conducts High Performance Camp with Missouri Youth Players

October 16, 2015: American Cricket Academy Joins USYCA

October 7, 2015: California Knight Riders Youth Cricket Academy Joins USYCA

October 1, 2015: Benjamin Tasker Middle School Is Committed to Cricket

September 23, 2015: Maryland Elementary School Cricket Team Is Ready For The BEST Cricket League

September 14, 2015: Missouri YCA Demonstrates Cricket At Hazelwood HarvestFest

September 11, 2015: Godinez Fundamental Becomes First Orange County HS To Start Cricket

September 9, 2015: Maryland's CMIT Academy Catches The Cricket Bug

September 3, 2015: Missouri YCA Demonstrates Cricket At 2015 Festival Of Nations

September 1, 2015: D.C. Middle Schools Cricket League Post-Season Report

August 20, 2015: USYCA and Maryland YCA Partner To Bring Cricket To Anne Arundel County Schools

August 7, 2015: Missouri YCA Completes 8-Week Camp in Partnership with St. Louis County Parks and Recreation

July 29, 2015: Ferguson, MO Picks Up Cricket At 'Sunday Funday' Event

July 15, 2015: Path To Grassroots Success Demonstrated In Maryland School Program

July 1, 2015: Missouri YCA Introduces Bridgeton Youth To Cricket

June 29, 2015: Maryland Youth Cricket Holds State Championships

June 17, 2015: Lexington Cricket League of Massachusetts Joins USYCA

June 16, 2015: USYCA President Visits Schools In Virginia And Maryland, Delivers Cricket Sets

June 10, 2015: Traveling To Chicago, Missouri YCA Opens Bilateral Series With Bolingbrook Youth

June 5, 2015: Youth Cricket In Southern California Gains Momentum

June 1, 2015: Missouri YCA Plays Bilateral Series Against CAUSA Atlanta

May 26, 2015: USYCA President Proposes 'Participation Bridge' For American Children, Seeks Partners

May 13, 2015: Missouri YCA Brings Cricket To Children's Village Christian School

May 11, 2015: Southern California YCA Matches Up With San Diego Youth Academy

November 6, 2014: Southern California Youth Cricket Academy Begins Operations

August 26, 2014: Missouri YCA Brings Cricket To The Festival Of Nations

August 21, 2014: USYCA President Delivers Cricket Sets, Instruction To Dozens Of Maryland PE Teachers

August 20, 2014: Dallas YCL Brings Cricket To Garland Schools

June 26, 2014: Alvin Kallicharran and Jatin Patel Work With Minnesota CA Youth Program

June 23, 2014: Missouri Mayor Visits Youth Cricket Association

June 17, 2014: OCCA Completes First Youth Cricket Coaching Program

June 12, 2014: Ohio's Buckeye CC Joins USYCA

May 28, 2014: Missouri YCA Presents Cricket At Special Needs School In St. Louis

May 16, 2014: Missouri YCA Players Step Up To Hardball Cricket

May 13, 2014: Missouri YCA Partners With St. Louis County To Offer Cricket Clinic

May 1, 2014: Orange County Cricket Association Launches Youth And Women's Programs

April 29, 2014: Ball State PE Undergrads Get Cricket Certifications

April 28, 2014: Cricket On Display At Indianapolis Public Schools Wellness Festival

April 22, 2014: Omaha Cricket Association Announces Comprehensive Youth Development Program

April 11, 2014: Another Maryland Elementary School Takes Up Cricket

April 2, 2014: Missouri YCA Celebrates National Youth Cricket Day

March 28, 2014: Indiana's Riverside Junior High School Gets NYCD Presentation

March 25, 2014: USYCA President Leads Cricket Instruction At Maryland Middle School

March 13, 2014: USYCA President To Attend National Sports Symposium

March 5, 2014: Maryland Middle School To Get NYCD Visit From USYCA President

February 25, 2014: Groundbreaking Elementary School Teams Cricket League Formed

February 18, 2014: Missouri YCA Brings Cricket To Kawa Kon Convention

February 12, 2014: USYCA Looking For National Development Officers

February 11, 2014: Illinois' Highland HS Receives Cricket Equipment And Instruction

February 5, 2014: California's Las Floras Middle School Becomes Cricket-Centric

January 29, 2014: Cricket Introduced To St. Charles West (MO) Elementary Schools

January 24, 2014: USYCA Member EYCA Wins ICC Development Program Award

December 16, 2013: Florida Cricket Academy Announces 5th Annual Youth Cricket Tournament

November 27, 2013: Indiana University Launches Cricket Certification Program For PE Teachers

November 25, 2013: Germantown Kids CC Travels To Virginia To Play Wicket Club Team

November 22, 2013: Missouri YCA Hosts Special Session With Guest Coaches

November 19, 2013: Advanced Cricket Camp Held In Southern Indiana

November 15, 2013: USYCA's Jatin Patel Meets With Cricket Leaders In Antigua

November 8, 2013: Missouri YCA Introduces Cricket to Riverview Gardens School District Elementary Schools

October 30, 2013: John Aaron Named Patron Of Youth Cricket

October 29, 2013: Indiana Physical Education Teachers Unveil Statewide Cricket Guidelines

October 28, 2013: Missouri YCA Concludes Season, Final Tournament

October 9, 2013: Missouri YCA Conducts 2nd Cricket Clinic For Girls

October 4, 2013: Elementary School In Missouri Gets Cricket Set, Instruction

October 2, 2013: Missouri YCA Conducts Cricket Clinics For Girl Scouts

October 1, 2013: FCA Appoints Reginald Benjamin As Head Coach

September 30, 2013: Indiana YCA Demonstrates Cricket At Indianapolis World Sports Exhibition

September 27, 2013: Another Maryland School District Takes Up Cricket

September 26, 2013: USYCA Member Organizations In Tri-State Tournament

September 25, 2013: Puget Sound CC Joins Ranks With USYCA

September 19, 2013: Spokane CC Brings Cricket To Washington Elementary School

September 18, 2013: Indiana Middle School Hosts Cricket Camp

September 17, 2013: Our View: Beazley Continues To Dismiss Youth Cricket Efforts

September 12, 2013: Cricket Club Of Illinois Joins USYCA

September 3, 2013: Staten Island CC Hosts 3rd Annual U19 Youth Festival

August 29, 2013: USYCA's Jatin Patel Attends Cricket Australia Training

August 21, 2013: Youth Cricket Pitch, Partially Funded By USYCA, Opens In Missouri

August 19, 2013: Missouri YCA Demonstrates Cricket At Downtown St. Louis Festival

August 16, 2013: Missouri YCA Completes 2nd 2013 Tournament

August 12, 2013: Our View: USACA CEO's Declaration Denigrates American Volunteers

August 1, 2013: Philadelphia's Yuva CC Signs On With USYCA

July 30, 2013: Steven Weisse Named USYCA Patron Of Youth Cricket

July 29, 2013: Germantown Wins Maryland Youth Cricket Championship

July 24, 2013: San Diego CC Youth Academy Joins USYCA

July 23, 2013: Indiana Boy Scouts Introduced To Cricket, Coaches Trained

July 22, 2013: Cockeysville, Germantown Advance To Maryland Youth Cricket Championship

July 18, 2013: USA Coach Robin Singh Works With WCL Youth Players

July 15, 2013: Maryland Junior Cricket League: Cockeysville Over Lutherville-Timonium, Germantown Tops Bowie

July 1, 2013: Maryland Junior Cricket League: Germantown Wins At Lutherville-Timonium, Cockeysville Defeats Bowie

June 24, 2013: Cockeysville Tops Germantown In Maryland Junior Cricket League Opener

June 21, 2013: Indiana YCA To Host Youth Camp At Indy Legends Cup Tourney

June 19, 2013: Orlando's Avalon Elementary School Welcomes Cricket

June 18, 2013: Indiana YCA Brings Cricket To Lawrence Summer Kids' Camp

June 13, 2013: ICC Takes Back Funds From US Youth Cricket

June 12, 2013: International Cricket Council Steps Up To Support American Youth Cricket

June 11, 2013: Indiana's Herron High School Catches Cricket Fever

June 10, 2013: Missouri YCA Youth Tournament Report

June 6, 2013: USYCA And ACF Announce Formation Of Joint Youth Committee

June 4, 2013: Cricket Expanding In Indiana Schools

May 16, 2013 West Haven CC Takes Cricket To Connecticut School
May 15, 2013 Omaha YCA Brings Cricket To Community Center
May 6, 2013: USYCA Establishes Partnership With ACF For Youth Development

May 6, 2013: USYCA Conducts Annual General Meeting

April 29, 2013: USYCA Elects Board of Directors

April 26, 2013: Sunkist ES In Anaheim, California Introduces Cricket

April 25, 2013: Indian Association Of Columbus, Indiana Hosts Spring Cricket Camp

April 18, 2013: USYCA Board Of Directors Candidates Resumes

April 17, 2013: Cockeysville Middle School In Maryland Prepares For Cricket Season

April 15, 2013: USYCA Brings Stuart MacGill To DreamCricket Academy

April 10, 2013: Midwest Sports Productions Partners With Indiana Youth Cricket

April 4, 2013: Missouri YCA Holds NYCD Tournaments, Launches Youth Academy

March 29, 2013: Minnesota Cricket Association Reveals Youth Plans

March 28, 2013: West Haven CC Announces Free Youth Clinic

March 27, 2013: NYCD Photo Contest Winners

March 26, 2013: Gambold Prep In Indianapolis Gears Up For Cricket

March 25, 2013: USYCA Announces Elections

March 21, 2013: Two Maryland Schools Receive Cricket Instruction

March 12, 2013: Indiana YCA Starts Coaching Certification Program, Promotes Cricket At IPS Wellness Festival

March 11, 2013: Missouri YCA Begins Operations With NYCD Tournaments

March 11, 2013: Orange County CA Brings Cricket To Gauer ES In Anaheim

March 5, 2013: StarSportsUS Joins USYCA Mission To Bring Cricket To American Youth

March 1, 2013: Cricket Introduced At St. Richard's Episcopal School of Indianapolis

February 27, 2013: 3rd Annual National Youth Cricket Day Photo Contest

February 25, 2013: USYCA Establishes Fund To Finance Youth Pitch Construction

February 22, 2012: East Bay YCA Launches Player Rating System

February 18, 2013: Philadelphia-Area PE Teachers Gets Cricket Sets And Training

February 13, 2013: Two More Indiana School Districts Add Cricket

February 11, 2013: 2013 USYCA Annual General Meeting Announced

February 8, 2012: United States Cricket Academy/CCA Indian Tour Report

February 6, 2012: USYCA Members Receive Discounted Training Equipment From Pro Power Drive Systems

January 24, 2012: FCA Introduces Cricket To Middle School In Miramar, Florida

January 22, 2013: North Penn Schools Are Latest To Introduce Cricket

January 21, 2013: USYCA Member Mid-Atlantic Cricket Conference Commended By General Assembly of Virginia

December 17, 2012: Maryland YCA Launches Junior Cricket League, Adds Officers

December 12, 2012: Boys & Girls Clubs Of Indianapolis Introduce Cricket To Youths

December 11, 2012: United States Cricket Academy Partners With CCA On India Tour

Decemebr 10, 2012: Indianapolis Public Schools Announce Cricket Program

November 30, 2012: Indiana School District Launches Cricket Program

November 27, 2012: Youth Cricket Development Spurred In Northeastern Indiana

November 26, 2012: Wayne Ramnarine's Florida Cricket Academy Joins USYCA

November 1, 2012: STL Cricket League Completes 2nd Youth Tourney

October 31, 2012: Los Angeles' Corinthian CC Teams Up With USYCA

October 29, 2012: Cricket Takes Center Stage At School Fitness Fair

October 24, 2012: USYCA Partners With ACTIVE Network To Benefit Member Organizations

October 22, 2012: 54 Indiana Schools Receive Cricket Equipment At Workshop

October 16, 2012: ICC RDO Wendell Coppin Leads USYCA School Event

October 15, 2012: USYCA President Jamie Harrison Inducted Into Cricket Hall Of Fame

September 25, 2012: Indiana Youth Cricket Conducts Coach Training In Columbus

September 24, 2012: St. Mary's County In Maryland Joins The Cricket Revolution

September 20, 2012: Dunkerton Community Schools In Iowa Launch Cricket Program

September 19, 2012: USYCA At Indianapolis Sister Cities International Festival

September 11, 2012: Florida Cricket Conference Joins USYCA

September 10, 2012: USYCA Facebook Page Reaches 1000 'Likes" As Support Grows

August 31, 2012: Brunswick County, Virginia Adds Cricket To Its PE Program

August 27, 2012: Coach Mike Young Visits Germantown Kids Cricket Club

August 23, 2012: United CC Juniors Bring Cricket To Lewisville Schools, Prepare For Fall Season

August 20, 2012: Sunil Gavaskar Spends A Day With Youth Cricketers In New Jersey

August 14, 2012: North Texas Cricket Association Concludes Successful Youth Season, Looks Forward To Growth In 2013

August 13, 2012: USYCA Begins Process For Creating New Junior Programs In 2013

August 6, 2012: Youth Cricket: It's What We Do

August 1, 2012: New Maryland Junior Cricket Programs Play First Matches

July 31, 2012: NJSCUA Continues Its Support Of USYCA

July 30, 2012: Mike Young To Lead Free Youth Coaching Clinic In Maryland

July 25, 2012: MetLife Partners With USYCA And DreamCricket Academy To Bring Sunil Gavaskar To Youth Camp

July 19, 2012: STL Cricket League Brings Youth Cricket To St. Louis

July 12, 2012: Indiana Association for Health, Physical Education Partners with USYCA and Indiana YCA

June 28, 2012: Pennsylvania PE Teachers Receive Cricket Sets And Training At HPE Conference

June 27, 2012: 74 Indiana PE Teachers Receive Cricket Sets At 2012 Physical Education Summer Institute

June 25, 2012: Frisco ISD In Texas Receives Cricket Sets, Training

June 22, 2012: Omaha YCA Juggernaut Rolls On, Conducts Six New Clinics

June 21, 2012: Massachusetts Communities Embrace Youth Cricket

June 20, 2012: For Germantown Kids CC, Passion For Cricket Spans Across Generations And Continents

June 19, 2012: Indiana Youth Cricket Prepares To Launch Academy

June 18, 2012: New Junior Program Kicks Off In Maryland

June 12, 2012: United CC Juniors Drop Nailbiter To Plano Lightning

June 11, 2012: Youth Cricket Explodes In Omaha

June 8, 2012: Boston Public Schools Introduce Cricket

June 7, 2012: Franklin Township, New Jersey Conducts Youth Cricket Clinic

June 6, 2012: East Bay Youth Cricket Association Completes Los Angeles Tour

June 1, 2012: C.C. Morris Cricket Library Association Solidifies Its Support Of USYCA, Urges Others To Do Likewise

May 25, 2012: Carmel, Indiana School Starts Youth Cricket Program

May 24, 2012: Cricket Shines At Indiana Junior High School's Health, Fitness & Nutrition Fair

May 23, 2012: Connecticut Community Center Introduces Cricket Program

May 22, 2012: Washington Cricket League Launches 2012 Youth Cricket Program

May 21, 2012: Indiana University Partners With USYCA, Indiana YCA

May 17, 2012: Bolingbrook Premier League Brings Cricket To Illinois School, Bolsters Youth Program

May 16, 2012: North Carolina: Guilford County Extends Cricket To Middle And High School, Eyes Fall Expansion

May 15, 2012: Indiana's Avon North Middle School Starts Cricket

May 14, 2012: Connecticut Community Center Partners With Mad Dogs CC, USYCA

May 10, 2012: USYCA President, Courtney Walsh Among Nominees For Cricket Hall Of Fame

May 9, 2012: Iowa Middle School Gets Cricket From Omaha YCA, Is Visited By Heisman Trophy Winner And Local TV News

May 8, 2012: Momentous Weekend: USYCA AGM In Philadelphia, USYCA President At ICC RDF In Toronto

May 4, 2012: Omaha YCA Brings Cricket To St. Bernard's School

May 3, 2012: Elementary PE Teachers In Guilford County, North Carolina Embrace Cricket

April 30, 2012: EYCA Inaugurates New Youth Pitch In Union City, California

April 26, 2012: Omaha YCA Conducts Clinc for Community Center Supervisors

April 25, 2012: Focused On Youth, Dulles CC Joins USYCA

April 24, 2012: EYCA Celebrates Earth Day With Website Redesign

April 23, 2012: United Junior CC Takes Cricket To Wellington Elementary

April 20, 2012: MACC Adds Its Strength To Growing USYCA Membership

April 19, 2012: Catholic Schools In Arlington, Virginia Begin Cricket Program

April 13, 2012: USYCA President To Speak At ICC Regional Development Forum

April 10, 2012: Loudoun County, Virginia Starts USYCA Cricket Program

April 9, 2012: The Cricket Spot Partners With Indiana Youth Cricket

April 2, 2012: Spokane CC To Bring USYCA Programs To Pacific Northwest

March 28, 2012: MCA Youth Program Points The Way Forward

March 27, 2012: East Bay Youth Cricket Celebrates National Youth Cricket Day With Scholarship Presentation

March 26, 2012: NJ Youth Cricket Program Makes NYCD Announcement

March 23, 2012: West Haven CC Makes Commitment For Annual Support

March 22, 2012: Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired Visited By USYCA

March 21, 2012: USYCA Affiliates To Celebrate National Youth Cricket Day

March 12, 2012: C.C. Morris Cricket Library Association Honors USYCA President

March 7, 2012: USYCA Announces Sponsorship Deal With Reebok

March 5, 2012: East Bay Youth Cricket Joins USYCA

March 1, 2012: Indiana's Hamilton Southeastern Schools Begin Cricket

February 24, 2012: Henrico County, Virginia Catches Cricketmania

February 23, 2012: USYCA  Announces AGM Date, Location

February 23, 2012: USYCA VP Jatin Patel Attends ICC Course, Brings Cricket To Indiana School

February 22, 2012: Groton Schools In Connecticut Launch Cricket Program

February 17, 2012: 2nd Annual National Youth Cricket Day Photo Contest

February 16, 2012: New Milford CC Aligns With USYCA

February 15, 2012: St. Philip Neri School In Maryland Takes Up Cricket

February 14, 2012: SCtCA Hosts USYCA President, Steps Up For Youth Cricket

February 3, 2012: United CC Juniors Sign On With USYCA

January 31, 2012: Sandra Ibarra To Lead USYCA Summer Programs In Maryland

January 30, 2012: Apple Pickers Foundation, Connecticut Youth Cricketer Continue USA Streak

January 19, 2012: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Publish Cricket Curriculum For Elementary, Middle Schools

January 10, 2012: USYCA Opens National Headquarters In Maryland

January 3, 2012: ICC Americas Piloting New Level I Course

December 30, 2011: Thank You For A Wonderful Year!

December 27, 2011: USYCA President Humbled By Aravind Spirit of Cricket Award

December 23, 2011: USYCA Acquires Venue For National Youth Cricket Tournaments

December 16, 2011: USYCA Receives Grant From Apple Pickers Foundation

December 8, 2011: Atlantis CC Brings Cricket To New York's Peninsula Prep

November 30, 2011: ICC Americas Gives Support To USYCA

November 29, 2011: Maybeury Elementary In Richmond, Virginia Plays Cricket

November 14, 2011: USYCA President Speaks To Virginia PE Teachers

November 11, 2011: Photos From Omaha CC Summer Cricket Camp, Visit To Community Center

November 10, 2011: Omaha CC Introduces Cricket To High School, Paypal Employees

November 8, 2011: Frederick County, Virginia Schools To Start Cricket

November 1, 2011: E.L. Haynes School In Washington, D.C. Plays Cricket

October 31, 2011: USYCA Hosts Its First ICC Level I Coaching Course

October 28, 2011: ICC's Wendell Coppin Observes Cricket At Maryland School

October 27, 2011: Maryland's Lutherville Timonium Recreation Council Joins The Cricket Movement

October 19, 2011: NJSCUA Invests In Cricket Development With USYCA

October 18, 2011: Cricket Introduced In Irvine, California Middle School

October 12, 2011: ICC And USYCA Officials To Visit Maryland School

October 6, 2011: USYCA Granted Tax-Exempt Status By IRS

October 3, 2011: Winfield Recreation Council Adds Cricket To Sports Schedule

September 29, 2011: Omaha CC Takes Cricket To More Nebraska Schools

September 27, 2011: This Year's NY Ashes Match To Benefit USYCA

September 21, 2011: Danbury CC Is Latest USYCA Member

September 20, 2011: USYCA To Sponsor ICC Level I Coaching Course

September 16, 2011: Midland ES in Elkins, West Virginia Loves Cricket!

September 13, 2011: Cricket At Bowie Boys and Girls Club

September 9, 2011: USYCA President To Speak At VAHPERD

September 8, 2011: Cricket in Wachusett Schools in Massachusetts

September 5, 2011: Portsmouth, Virginia Schools Introduce Cricket

September 5, 2011: USYCA Welcome Minnesota Cricket Association

September 5, 2011: Michigan Premier CC Joins USYCA

September 2, 2011: Warriors Expand Cricket in Fairfax County Schools

August 25, 2011: Two More Maryland Counties Add Cricket

August 22, 2011: Paxton Center School in Massachusetts Begins Cricket Program

August 17, 2011: Omaha's Westside Community Schools Inaugurate Cricket

August 8, 2011: USYCA Mourns Passing of Shekhs Aravind

July 28, 2011: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Partner With USYCA

July 21, 2011: Cricket Returns To Maryland Summer Camp

July 20, 2011: Welcome to the New USYCA Website!

July 4, 2011: USYCA Honors "Patrons Of Youth Cricket"

June 29, 2011:USYCA Launches Community Message Board

June 28, 2011:Cricket On Display At Indiana Physical Education Summer Institute

June 24, 2011:Mumtaz Yusuf To Lead South West Region U15 Team

June 23, 2011:Teachers From Berlin Schools In Connecticut Learn Cricket

June 21, 2011:Ireland's Valmai Gee Coaches At WCL Youth Camp

June 7, 2011:  Photos: Ladies Of Pope John Paul II HS In Philadelphia

June 6, 2011:  Tornado-Stricken Alabama Schools Get USYCA Cricket Sets

June 3, 2011:  SWR Youth Coordinator Richard Blackledge Has Big Plans

May 31, 2011: Maryland Students Make Cricket Part Of Cultural Showcase

May 25, 2011: Frankfort Cricket Club Visits Elkhorn MS In Kentucky

May 24, 2011: North Carolina's Salisbury Academy Joins The Cricket Movement

May 23, 2011: Cricket At Bellevue Nebraska Youth Sports Day

May 20, 2011: Anaheim Hills Elementary School PE Students Begin Cricket

May 19, 2011: New USACA Vice President To Work With USYCA

May 18, 2011: SCCA Lines Up With USYCA

May 17, 2011: USYCA Donor Named USCA 1st Vice-President

May 16, 2011: NJ Youth Cricket Program Offers Path From Novice To Senior Player

May 13, 2011: Michael Gale Bolsters USYCA With Gift

May 12, 2011: Nabeel Ahmed Donates To USYCA

May 9, 2011: USYCA At The Philadelphia International Cricket Festival

May 6, 2011: New Inning Foundation Gives To USYCA, Announces Matching Campaign

May 4, 2011: Linthicum ES in Maryland Goes Cricket Crazy

May 2, 2011: New Haven Eagles Added To USYCA Roster

April 29, 2011: Del Cerro ES Students Get Cricketing

April 28, 2011: USYCA In Sunny Sarasota, Florida

April 27, 2011: Students Of Brownell Talbot School In Omaha Express Gratitude

April 25, 2011: Cincinnati Cricket Club Takes Up The USYCA Banner

April 20, 2011: 2011 Annual General Meeting Minutes

April 19, 2011: Dayton, OH School Discovers Cricket

April 18, 2011: USYCA Treasurer Takes Cricket To School In Maryland

April 15, 2011: USYCA Holds First AGM

April 14, 2011: Omaha Cricket Club At Brownell-Talbot School

April 13, 2011: Happy Birthday, USYCA!

April 12, 2011: Warriors Bring Cricket To Schools In Fairfax County, Virginia

April 11, 2011: Illustrious Merion Cricket Club Sides With USYCA

April 9, 2011: USYCA Featured In Maryland Gazette

April 8, 2011: Connecticut YCA Crosses The Border To Bring Cricket To New York

April 6, 2011: OCYCA Brings Cricket To School In Fountain Valley

April 6, 2011: Audio: USYCA President Interviewed During Cricket World's World Cup Coverage

April 1, 2011: USYCA: Changing Things

March 30, 2011: Historic Staten Island Cricket Club Joins USYCA

March 29, 2011: West Haven Cricket Club Makes Generous Donation To USYCA

March 24, 2011: Happy National Youth Cricket Day!

March 17, 2011: Annual General Meeting Announcement

March 15, 2011: Washington Warriors Demonstrate Cricket At Virginia School

March 14, 2011: OCCA Launches Its Elementary School Program

March 11, 2011: Cricket Association Of Nebraska Joins USYCA

March 9, 2011: Two More Indiana Schools Get Into Cricket

March 8, 2011: The First Cricket School In Indiana

March 7, 2011: Bolingbrook Cricket League Becomes USYCA Member

March 1, 2011: Midwest Cricket Conference Teams Up With USYCA

February 28, 2011: National Youth Cricket Day Photo Contest

February 19, 2011: USYCA President To Be Featured Guest On Baltimore Radio Program

February 16, 2011: Omaha Cricket Club Is Latest USYCA Member

February 15, 2011: US Junior Cricket Affiliates With USYCA

February 13, 2011: Visit The USYCA Online Store!

February 9, 2011: ICC Americas Tourney MVP Cameron Mirza Leads USA U-19s To Title

February 5, 2011: USYCA To Place 500 Cricket Sets In 2011; Partners Needed

January 31, 2011: USYCA Welcomes New Associate Member Washington Warriors

January 30, 2011: Wooster Wicketkeeper Ian Carlin Featured In Sports Illustrated

January 27, 2011: Maryland: Queen Anne's County Schools Add Cricket

January 25, 2011: USYCA Wins Pepsi ICC Development Programme Award

January 24, 2011: Australian National Fielding Coach Mike Young Stands Up For USYCA

January 24, 2011: Edward Fox Of KSOK YCA Donates Cricket Sets To USYCA

January 24, 2011: WCL Launches Inaugeral Youth Program

January 17, 2011: USACA Treasurer John Thickett Gives To USYCA

January 10, 2011: Baltimore Cricket Club Steps Up For Youth Cricket

January 3, 2011: Warm Wishes Extended To USYCA

December 30, 2010: Thank You For A Wonderful Year!

December 27, 2010: Video: American Mike Young, Aussie Fielding Coach

December 22, 2010: Ryan Corns Supports USYCA

December 21, 2010: Cameron Mirza Supports USYCA

December 17, 2010: USYCA American Cricket Champ Set - Coming Soon To A School Near You!

December 15, 2010: News Video: Cricket In Prince George's County Schools

Decemebr 15, 2010: USYCA Website Reaches 10,000 Page Views

December 8, 2010: Queen Anne's County, Maryland Schools Request Cricket

Decemebr 1, 2010: Making A Difference In Dallas

December 1, 2010: Patch.com: Cricket Comes To Carroll County

November 29, 2010: USYCA Is USACA's Newest Associate Member

November 22, 2010: Patch.com: The Evolution of Cricket in Prince George's County

November 15, 2010: Natasha Smith Supports USYCA

November 12, 2010: USYCA Newsletter

November 10, 2010: Baltimore City Schools Join Cricket Nation!

November 5, 2010: Kent County, Maryland Schools Get Cricket!

October 28, 2010: More Prince George's County, Maryland Schools Get Set For Cricket

October 8, 2010: MD: Eldersburg Elementary Adds Cricket; More Carroll County Schools To Follow

October 3, 2010: Grafton High School - PE Service Day - A Tremendous Success!

September 27, 2010: Feet Don't Touch The Ground

September 25, 2010: USYCA Video Shoot And Cricket Toy Test

September 22, 2010: BBC Video: Baseball and Cricket Share Common Ground

September 21, 2010: Prince George's County PE Teachers Get Their Cricket On

September 17, 2010: Cricket For Kids: A Safe, Fun Sport That Prizes Sportsmanship

September 16, 2010: Damien Martyn Supports USYCA

September 15, 2010: First Three USYCA Standing Committees Created

September 13, 2010: Jamie Harrison To Speak At MAHPERD Convention

September 13, 2010: New USYCA Associate Member Is A Different Breed Of Cat

September 8, 2010: USYCA Partners With Sadler Sports Insurance To Benefit Affiliate Members

September 3, 2010: Nathan Bracken Supports USYCA

August 27, 2010: USYCA Featured In Cricket USA Magazine

August 26, 2010: Jamie Speaks To Baltimore City PE Teachers

August 26, 2010: USYCA President Meets With USACA Leadership

August 24, 2010: USYCA Partners With backgroundchecks.com To Benefit Affiliate Members

August 23, 2010: USYCA Selects Michael Thomas As Treasurer

August 23, 2010: USYCA Brings Cricket To Prince George's County Public Schools

August 20, 2010: USYCA Elects First Board Of Directors

August 20, 2010: USYCA Adds Affilaites In California, New Jersey

August 5, 2010: Michigan Cricket Academy Event Sparks Cricket At Local School

August 5, 2010: Contest Winner Donates Prize To USYCA

July 30, 2010: USYCA To Bring Cricket To 250,000 Children In 12 Months

July 23, 2010: Grafton High School To Introduce Cricket

July 20, 2010: USYCA Membership Ratifies Constitution; Elections Set

July 18, 2010: Jamie Visits VYCA Youth Coaching Session

July 13, 2010: DreamCricket Pavilion Shop Becomes "Official Equipment Supplier" To USYCA

July 1, 2010: KSOK YCA Invited To Annual Cub Scout Program Kickoff

June 24, 2010: C.C. Morris Cricket Library Association Announces Support For USYCA

June 20, 2010: Cricket Comes To Camp Hidden Meadows

June 11, 2010: USYCA Teams Up With The President's Council On Physical Fitness

June 3, 2010: DreamCricket: USA Should Follow The Australian Model For Youth Cricket Development

June 1, 2010: The Eyes Of Texas Are Upon USYCA!

May 27, 2010: USYCA Welcomes The Tri-State YCA!

May 18, 2010: USYCA Newsletter

May 17, 2010: DreamCricket: Six Stages Of US Youth Cricket Development

May 14, 2010: Slideshow: Highland Park Elementary Gets Cricket!

May 13, 2010: Youth Cricket Comes To Augusta, Kansas!

May 13, 2010: Fifteen States Now Affilaited With The USYCA!

May 11, 2010: Cricket Introduced At Highland Park Elementary In Maryland

May 7, 2010: Virginia Joins The USYCA!

May 6, 2010: USYCA Now "Deep In The Heart Of Texas!"

May 5, 2010: USYCA Logo Unveiled!

May 4, 2010: USYCA Newsletter

May 3, 2010: USYCA Welcomes Dan Ruparel and the Colorado YCA!

April 30, 2010: DreamCricket: Youth Cricket Leaders Seek Greater Coordination In USA

April 29, 2010: Hot Shot Cricket

April 28, 2010: Kansas Oklahoma YCA Brings Cricket To Ewalt Elementary

April 27, 2010: Teleconference on Youth Cricket Audio File - 4.26.2010

April 25, 2010: Lloyd Jodah, President Of NYYCA, Featured In Article

April 22, 2010: Constitution Committee Named; Work Begins

April 20, 2010: England Launches Michael Vaughan Cricket (MVC) Programme, Targeted At Youth

April 20, 2010: Connecticut YCA's Artsy New Logo

April 20, 2010: MYCA Facebook Group Hits 500 Members!

April 15, 2010: Video: How We Make America A Cricketing Nation

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