United States Youth Cricket Association
United States Youth Cricket Association
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Member Organizations

Affiliate Members:

American Cricket Academy St. Louis. Email: americancricketacademyandclub@gmail.com

California Knight Riders Youth Cricket Academy. Email: contact@ckrcricketacademy.com

CLNJ Youth Program. Email: venu.palaparthi@gmail.com

Connecticut - Rakesh Kallem. Email: ctyouthcricket@gmail.com; Facebook Group

Dallas Youth Cricket - Email: knijjar@yahoo.com

DreamCricket Academy - Email: kranthi@dreamcricket.com

East Bay Youth Cricket Association - Email: eyca.president@gmail.com

Germantown Kids Cricket Club - Email: anu@cgofa.com

Florida Cricket Academy - Email: wlr66@bellsouth.net

Indiana - Jatin Patel. Email: inyouthcricket@gmail.com; Facebook Group

Kansas Oklahoma - Ed Fox. Email: edward@aussiefox.com; Facebook Group

Lexington Cricket League - Vivek Gupta. Email: lexcricketleague@gmail.com

Maryland - Jamie Harrison. Email: info@mdyouthcricket.org; Facebook Group

Massachusetts - Vasu Ram. Email: massyouthcricket@gmail.com; Facebook Group

Missouri - Priya Singh. Email: myca@mocricket.org

North Texas - Aziz Savul. Email: ec@ntcricket.com; Facebook Group

Orange County Cricket Association/Southern California Cricket Academy - Shantha Suraweera. Email: orcoca@yahoo.com

San Diego Cricket Club Youth Academy - Wayne Copeland.

South Texas - Yogesh Patel. Email: novayog@yahoo.com

Strykers Youth Cricket Club - Masaood Yunus. Email: play@strykerscc.org

United Cricket Club Juniors - Ally Stokes. Email: allystokes@me.com

United States Cricket Academy - Ashok Patel, President. Email: ashokdj100@aol.com

United States Junior Cricket - Michael Miller, Treasurer. Email: mike@usjuniorcricket.org

Virginia - Siva Narapareddy. Email: virginiayouthcricket@gmail.com; Facebook Group

Yuva Cricket Club - Email: gmanesh@yahoo.com

Associate Members:

C.C. Morris Cricket Library Association - E-mail: ccmorris@haverford.edu

British Officers Cricket Club - Email: boccpres@comcast.net

Baltimore Cricket and Social Club. Email: executive@bcscinc.com

Omaha Cricket Club. Email: bhavijus@yahoo.com

Cricket Fan Store. Email: fanservice@cricketfanstore.com

Midwest Cricket Conference. Email: mo@midwestcricket.org

Bolingbrook Cricket League. Email: mirzali@sbcglobal.net

Staten Island Cricket Club. Email: clarencemodeste@yahoo.com

Merion Cricket Club. Email: events@merioncricket.com

Triangle Cricket League. Email: president@trianglecricketleague.org

Charlotte International Cricket Club. Email: geoffroberts63@yahoo.com

Garden State Cricket League. Email: rjynova@aol.com

Cleveland Cricket Club. Email: clevelandcricket@yahoo.com

Maddogs Cricket Club. Email: maddogscricketclub@gmail.com

West Haven Cricket Club. Email: support@whcricketclub.com

Cincinnati Cricket Club. Email: jrfern0@yahoo.com

New Haven Eagles Cricket Club. Email: sharat_kalluri@yahoo.com

Atlantis Cricket Club. Email: secretaryatlantiscc@gmail.com

Cheshire Cricket Club. Email: chccsectres@cheshirecricketclub.com

Tri-City Cricket Club. Email: sweisse@nycap.rr.com

Minnesota Cricket Association. Email: president@minnesotacricket.com

Washington Cricket League. Email: syusuf007@aol.com

Michigan Premier Cricket Club. Email: info@mipcc.com  Facebook Page

Danbury Cricket Club. Email: info@danburycricketclub.com

New Jersey State Cricket & Umpire's Association. Email: president@njscua.com

New Milford Cricket Club. Email: jaysingh2006@gmail.com

Southern Connecticut Cricket Association. Email: president@sctcassoc.com

Charlotte Ballantyne Cricket Club. Email: cbcccricket@gmail.com

Spokane Cricket Club. Email: rupalihjoshi@gmail.com

Brass City Cricket Club. Email: ranasalih96@yahoo.com

Mid Atlantic Cricket Conference. Email: mishah176@gmail.com

Washington Metropolitan Cricket Board. Email: avinash.wmcb@gmail.com

Florida Cricket Conference. Email: rjoshi.floridacricket@gmail.com

The Wicket Club. Email: cricket@wicketclub.com

Corinthian Cricket Club. Email: corinthiancricketclub@gmail.com

StarSportsUS. Email: amar@starsportsus.net

Eden Prairie Cricket Association. Email: masaood@outlook.com

Cricket Club of Illinois. Email: tanweeralam@hotmail.com

Puget Sound Cricket Club. Email: muhammed.memon@pugetsoundcc.org

Buckeye Cricket Club. Email: hirenspatel@gmail.com

Napa Valley Cricket Club. Email: napavalleycricket@gmail.com

Arizona Cricket Association. Email: masumh@gmail.com

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