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Howzat? Your Cricket Questions Answered

USYCA has created an email service, howzat@usyca.org, that stands ready to answer any and all cricket questions. ("Howzat" is a catchcry used by cricketers when appealing to the umpire for a wicket. It's a shortening of "How's that?")

We encourage all questions, no matter large or small, fact or opinion, history or rules. Anyone (especially students) can submit questions; all are welcome.

If the question is a particularly good one, or covers an interesting topic, we may also ask for permission to share it.

Have a question now? Send it to:

Here are some of the questions we've received so far:

Q: If the batter hits the ball and it hits the other set of wickets and the runner is past the crease line is he out?

A: If the ball hits the runners wicket without touching any part of the bowler or another fielder then the runner is not out.

Note: If the ball makes any contact with the bowler or any other fielder than it's - OUT

Q: If a ball is hit and the batter doesn't run, but the runner does run who would be out if the ball was thrown to the runners set of wickets?

A: If the batter hits and does not run while the runner does, the runner will be out if the wickets are broken at runners end.

Q: If a ball strikes the wicket after the batter makes contact is the batter out?

A: If the ball hits the wicket even after making contact with the bat, the batter is out bowled.

Note: The batter can stop the ball before hitting the stumps either using his bat or leg but if he uses his hand then he is out...

Q: Can more than one out be made during the same at bat? For instance, if a batter hits a ball in the air and it's caught by a fielder can the runner be thrown out if strays away from wicket or does the out end the inning?

A: In cricket, there are no double plays, as in baseball, and there can only be one out during the same at bat. In your example, once the ball is caught it's a dead ball and the other runner cannot be run out.







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